Jessica Boardman Private Catering ​​

​​High quality personalized catering service at an affordable price.


Platters and Display Tables 

  • Assorted Wraps and Sandwiches 
  • Sushi, Sashimi, Nigiri and Rice Paper Rolls with wakame, pickled ginger, dipping sauces and matcha salt
  • Hot platters with – meatballs, arancini balls, savoury tartlets, goats cheese cakes and caramelized onion, Peking duck spring rolls and dukkha crusted beef skewers.
  • Cheese and Charcuterie Boards - A selection of cured and smoked meats, pates, parfaits served with a selection of chutneys, fine cheeses and crusty bread
  • Grazing table display
  • Seafood buffet display  

Canapes and Tapas 

  • Sashimi tasters – with fresh salmon, tuna, pickled ginger, wakame, fried onion, sake dressing and matcha salt 
  • Chermoula prawns with citrus and sumac aioli (G.F)
  • Prosciutto wrapped prawns with southern style dipping sauce (G.F)
  • Panko crusted fresh fish with pickled cucumber and preserved lemon aioli
  • Bite size crispy skin pork belly pieces topped with apple mousse (G.F)
  • Prosciutto wrapped scallops on smoked carrot puree with fried spring onion and beetroot salt (served in the shell) (G.F)
  • Sliders – American Style Beef, BBQ pulled pork 
  • Petit lamb merguez hot dogs with slaw and onion chutney 
  • Goats cheese cakes with smoked venison and pomegranate salsa  
  • Chicken liver and black truffle parfait crostini topped with smoked pear chutney 
  • Pressed lamb beetroot reduction and labneh 
  • Filo wrapped Halloumi with chilli jam (V)
  • Crepe cigars – various flavours such as smoked trout, peeking duck etc…
  • Spiced Lamb, chicken and beef skewers 
  • Yorkshire pudding with beef and horseradish cream
  • Smoked duck with caramelised onion, brie encroute 
  • Beetroot cured salmon and finger lime salsa and avocado on sweet potato round (G.F)
  • Mini beef wellingtons with juniper berry jus  
  • Mexican style Arancini balls with fresh mozzarella and tomato salsa
  • Macadamia crusted lamb cutlet with tomato relish 
  • Oysters – Kilpatrick, Tempura with mango salsa or caviar champagne granita
  • Loaded chat potatoes – chilli con carne
  • Beef tartare with black salt rice crisps, fennel and smoked pear relish (G.F) 
  • Okonomi yaki – Japanese vegetable pancake with pickled ginger, sweet soy, kimchi and Japanese mayo (V)
  • Salt and pepper squid cones with paprika aioli  
  • Noodle box filled with – satay chicken, chilli prawn and cashew or, sweet and sour pork        

Dessert Canapes

  • Kahlua crème brulee
  • Stuffed profiteroles – chocolate, strawberrie and vanilla crème patissiere
  • Italian cannoli
  • Pannacotta – Various flavours
  • Individual tiramisu
  • Individual mousse cakes – set mousse on a biscuit base with dehydrated raspberries 
  • white chocolate mousse with praline
  • Honeycomb cheesecake
  • Flourless chocolate cake with vanilla bean mascarpone (G.F)
  • Banana fritters with chocolate ganache
  • Chocolate coated churros with cinnamon sugar and crème patissiere  
  • Decadent baked chocolate tarts
  • Mixed platter and whole cakes option available

Two course alternate drop menu

Entrée selection 

  • Paperbark roasted duck breast with parsnip puree, plum jus and Persian herbs (G.F)
  • Seared fresh fish, rocket salad, strawberry salsa and verjuice dressing (G.F)
  • Mushroom and mascarpone tarts (V)
  • Scorched nectarine and goats cheese salad with chargrilled lamb back strap (G.F)
  • Celeriac pieces slow roasted in truffle butter with zesty herb sauce and warm
  • tomato salsa (V/G.F)
  • Cured salmon and king prawn tian with avocado, tomato salsa and fresh herbs
  • Truffle ricotta, rare beef mille feuille with roasted tomato coulis
  • Panko crusted pork with pickled cabbage and sauce remoulade 
  • Focaccia bruschetta with truffle mascarpone, Italian herb smoked lamb back strap and caperberry salsa 
  • Sous vide baby carrots infused with saffron and thyme accompanied by pistachio crusted Gorgonzola and verjuice vinaigrette (vegetarian option)

Main selection 

  • Polenta stack with Mediterranean vegetables smoked fetta and romesco sauce (V/ G.F)
  • Confit chicken Maryland, smoked carrot puree, braised leek and micro herbs (G.F)
  • Angus beef tenderloin, 18-hour slow roasted cipollini onion, parmesan risotto and bourbon glaze 
  • King prawn ravioli with bisque sauce, fresh shallots and spiced pumpkin 
  • Butterflied quail on prosciutto, melon and gorgonzola salad finished with 
  • beetroot reduction (G.F)
  • Slipper lobster escabeche finished with chiffonade of spring onion and dukka spice blend
  • Coffee and spice rub slow cooked beef brisket with cauliflower puree labneh and pomegranate jus 
  • Parmesan and herb crusted local fresh fish with crispy polenta, caramelised pear, walnut and prosciutto assortment finished with pink grapefruit dressing 

Buffet – Seated option available 

Meat selection

From the spit 

Spit roast of pork, beef, lamb, glazed ham, turkey 

Other meat alternatives 

  • Vintage cheddar and sundried tomato stuffed chicken breast 
  • Pistachio crusted pork loin with jus 
  • Fennel salt crusted crispy skin salmon 


  • Pearl cous cous tabouli with pickled radicchio 
  • Nicoise 
  • Rustic potato
  • Mexican fusion salad with wild rice, fresh herbs, chilli, finger lime salsa and avocado
  • Pear, walnut, rocket and goats cheese
  • Spiced sweet potato, fetta, spinach and balsamic
  • Cured salmon, avocado, pickled cucumber, labneh and mesclun 
  • Capress and fresh fig salad with heirloom tomatoes and bambini bocconcini finished with balsamic reduction
  • Roasted duck and mizuna salad with citrus, served on cauliflower puree 
  • Mango almond and Danish feta with mixed leaves 
  • Strawberry, pesto and roquette salad 

Warm dishes 

  • Risotto (various flavours) (G.F)
  • Truffle butter roasted kipfler potatoes (G.F)
  • Roasted root vegetable medley (G.F)
  • Sauté broccolini and green beans with compound butter (G.F)
  • Chermoula baby eggplant with tzatziki 
  • Honey sesame tri coloured carrots with pomegranate molasses 
  • Potato and sweet potato gratin 
  • Garlic and ginger bok choy with sweet soy dressing 
  • 18-hour slow cooked onions with spec and jus 
  • Sweet potato pomme frites with blue cheese sauce (G.F)
  • Baby green lentil and local organic oyster mushroom cassoulet 

Seated Banquette Menu Selection - Groups of 25 Minimum

Menu 1

 $40 for two course - $30 main course only 


Pressed lamb with smoked beetroot puree and jus 
Beetroot cured salmon tian with avocado salsa, heirloom tomato and fresh herbs (G.F)


Pear, walnut, roquette and goats cheese salad 
Rustic potato salad 
Spit roast of pork, beef or lamb (choose one option)
Vintage cheddar and sundried tomato stuffed chicken breast with salsa verde 
Sauté green beans and broccolini with compound butter 
Roasted root vegetable medley 

Menu 2 

$50 two course - $40 main course only 


Sashimi tasting plate – with fresh sashimi grade fish, nigiri, sushi, wakame, pickled ginger, wasabi, sake dressing and matcha salt
Crispy skin pork belly with charred apple and cauliflower puree


Coffee spiced slow cooked beef brisket with pomegranate jus
Roasted duck breast on citrus salad with mizuna 
Caprese and fig salad with bambini bocconcini and balsamic reduction 
Spiced sweet potato, fetta and baby spinach salad
Garlic and ginger bok choy with sweet soy dressing  
Honey sesame tri coloured carrots with pomegranate molasses 

Menu 3 

$65 two course $50 main only 


Charcuterie board – a selection of cured meats, chicken parfait, beef tartare, pork rillette, smoked pear chutney, char grilled bread and tomato relish 
Chermoula locally sourced king prawns with citrus, roquette and sumac aioli 


Eye fillet beef wellington with bourbon jus 
Prawn ravioli with bisque 
Confit chicken Maryland with smoked carrot puree, braised leek and micro herbs 
Beetroot cured salmon and avocado salad with pickled cucumber, labneh and mesclun 
Pearl cous cous tabouli
18-hour slow cooked onion with speck and jus 
Sweet potato pomme frites with blue cheese sauce 

Menus can be customized at an additional cost, all dietary requirements catered

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